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collective soul

Hey everyone! I'm new to the community. I just joined yesterday. Anyways, one of my best friends is in the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO)  and they were playing with Collective Soul last night and tonight. Since they had a soundcheck before the show yesterday, they said that family of the ASYO can come and watch instead of paying $70+ for a ticket for the actual show. I got to go with my friend's family and pretend I was her sister lol.  It was sooo awesome! I got to hear Crown, Better Now, and Shine, and I'm pretty sure that was it cause they had to keep stopping, but it was so awesome! I wasn't a huge fan before yesterday lol but now I've become addicted, like downloading ringtones and everything haha. Collective Soul is soo good! :)  Sorry, I just had an awesome time! I took some pix so I'll post some of them under the cut if you're interested! -Rinn




that's basically almost all of them lol. hope you enjoyed! please don't use these pictures for anything without asking me first. thanks! :)

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