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I guess I should say hi...

Why is it that whenever I have to write an introductory post I feel like i'm in high school saying what I did on my summer vacation...

Anyways, i've been a fan of the band since way back, and when I was in high school I was very hardcore. I was looking at old agenda's and stuff and there are pictures of the band and Collective Soul Rules all over them... then I went to university while they were on break and i think it worked out well for me because I was stressing so much on the school that I didn't really make time for anything else... Then a few months after I graduated from university I bought "Youth" the day it came out and I couldn't stop listening to it. I then got the fortunate (long story as to how I managed to get a ticket to the very sold out show) chance to see them live again last night and all the memories as to why they are my favorite band came flooding back with the first song...I was so excited and so happy to be there and the show was just amazing. I'm so glad that they are back...
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