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As you all know...

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Hey, thanks for posting that i-squad link. I didn't know that existed, and I rushed to sign up :)
No problem. It's a great way to win tickets and stuff. If they're coming near you, that is. They haven't come here since January. :/
The acoustic cd is pretty good--just picked it up at Best Buy.
It's awesome. I like the tracks they selected, too.
i just picked up the new CD and listened through it a couple of times.. i wish it were a little longer, but it's great just to hear some new stuff from them. has anyone heard the hidden track at the end of the CD? if you keep listening past satellite, another song starts. i didn't recognize it so i search some of the lyrics and came up with this quote from ED. "I have a few country tunes that I'd really like to sell. One is called 'Now You Got Me Drinking, Don't Let Me Drink Alone.' Some of them, I'll play to the guys, who are usually sitting their with their mouths open going, 'What is that?." so i guess it's a country song he wrote, but it never made it to a cd, until now that is. pretty cool i think!