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I fucking love DirectTV!!!

After finishing watching Grey's Anatomy last night, I clicked on our My Shows (btw, we have Ultimate TV, like Tivo, just went out of business) and to my surprise, it had 2 things for Collective Soul. I knew about one of them, the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at Macy's in Atlanta, GA. I already watched it, but we were saving it to watch their performance again. Well, there was something else that had recorded because I have an automatic search set up for Collective Soul in the Ultimate TV. It recorded their live performance with the Altanta Symphony Youth Orchestra!!!!! It was on the Freeview channel all month this month and we got it. Its awesome!!!!! I sat there and watched the whole thing and their music sounds awesome with a symphony orchestra backing them!!! The guys are so into it too. There was one sad part in the video and it was so cute, it was Ed singing Who's Gonna Wear My Crown with a guitar and the orchestra. He dedicated it to their dad who died in 2004. When the band came back out to join him, Dean walked over and put his arm around Ed and kissed him on his head. That was so sweet! But just a sad moment in the video. Ed had tears in his eyes at the end of that performance. Brandon is upstairs watching it now and we were planning on pre-ordering the video and cd, which we still are, but we got an early preview and we're loving it!!!!
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